"The kids back on earth would be greener than Diz if they could see the things I see and do the things I do. On earth I was just a picked-on nerd with no friends. My Dad was a fireman who died in the line of duty when I was just a little kid. Mom struggles to make ends meet. I used to get sad sometimes, and wonder if I could ever be the hero my Dad was. The folks on Meta 4 saw something in me that I couldn't see myself. They saw my potential and treated me like a hero. They had such faith in me that I began to have faith in myself. They didn't expect me to be perfect -- it's the trying that's important to them."

A hipster scientist who thrives on jive!
"I scoured the spaceways 'til my peepers liked to give out on me -- and then, there he was -- the heroic cat that would save our frantic planet from an ignominious annihilation! When it comes to integrity, The Kid's got chops that can swing with the hippest. He might not have the same shape in a drape as some long underwear super-cat, but his singular example has wigged this civilization, but solid! With his help, daddy-o, we'll hip Meta 4 to a freakish new high!"

There's a lot we can learn from this group!
Together this intrepid team has vanquished the ravenous monsters who once threatened their gleaming futuristic city. They've broken age-old mystical spells, foiled the plans of a demented, power-hungry scientist, encountered such alien beasts as tromba, gorlabs and grackles, scaled the highest mountains, braved the hot desert and the snowy wastelands.

They've had their problems and personality conflicts, misunderstandings, fights and feuds, but in the end, they pull together because they believe in each other. That belief builds confidence, and self-confidence builds trust, and with self-confidence and trust, there is nothing they can't accomplish!

Pre-teen genius with an independent streak!
"It's true, I am a genius. While I never knew my parents, they certainly must have been intelligent. Not that they deserve all the credit. I work pretty doggone hard to keep pace in the scientific field dominated by condescending men who can't cope with the fact that a girl can be as smart and determined as they are. Though I've traveled to many planets and studied their cultures, there is one biological conundrum I've yet to figure out: Why are boys so annoying?"
Floating font of incalculable knowledge!
"As a founding member of the Academy of Interesting Things, I consider myself a scrupulous judge of character. However, as a scientist, I'm skeptical by nature, and was most dubious when Diz began urging me to search the universe for a hero. I never thought we'd locate a being of such amazing bravery, integrity and optimism. I'll own up to my initial skepticism, but I'll never understand how the people of earth managed to overlook this extraordinary person!"

A golden bot with a metal heart to match!
"Robots such as myself were designed to aid the Sponges of Meta 4 in gathering knowledge from the four corners of our planet. No one expected mechanical beings to mature into feeling creatures -- but by availing ourselves of The Kid's positive nature-- not to mention an upgraded circuit or two -- that's exactly what happened. There are a thousand robots on Meta 4 just like me -- but even so, I'm special. That's what The Kid taught me."


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